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Wilson Data Management provide a genuine and complete one stop shop for your business computing needs. We support Windows 2000 / 2003  and Linux in 2 flavours: Red Hat for critical stuff and Debian for the very cost sensitive environment. We also write and develop MS OFFICE applications, and have deployed

many and varied solutions using the Office 97 / 2000 / and Office Xp Developers suites.

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We build in house all our own computer systems from component level, sourced worldwide. We use fully NT / Xp / RH Linux compatible components, that have succeeded in the market on merit, (rather than bulk components - made simply to the very lowest price). This policy also allows us to build computers precisely tailored to the very specific needs of each client, unlike mass built systems that are built to a minimum spec, we can configure systems exactly as needed, with, for example, extra hard drives / special backup devices or other components suited to a particular task.


We also specialize in fully built in systems where physical space, network security, design and aesthetics, or physical system security is paramount.


For our clients this turn key approach ensures working solutions with a single point of contact, from the basic stand alone pc, to a full departmental or company network server, right up to multi processor dedicated web and mail servers serving thousands of clients.


High End Servers, Routers

Satellite Web Connectivity

Clients need and appreciate this level of service, the alternative is the typical jumbled I.T. Scenario, with a variety of hardware and software vendors all claiming your hardware, or software is somehow uniquely incompatible with their product.

Windows and Linux support - we also specialize in mixed windows and Linux Network solutions, this can save a lot of money in terms of software licensing costs.

We work daily with a huge range of hardware and software, from single CPU Pc’s to multi-processor web servers (our own !). We have worked with every Computer Ops system incl GW-basic, DOS, Win 3.-3.11, Win 95, Win 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000 Windows Xp, Windows Advanced Server 2003, Unix, Novell and the latest versions of RH Linux  6.0, 6.1 ,6.2, 7.0, 7.2, 8.0 and 9.0. Plus Red Hat Enterprise Rel 2.1 and 3.0. We also support Debian Linux.


The range and diversity of projects we have worked on include digital weighbridges, till systems, hotel reservation systems, accounts systems, payroll systems, web servers and websites. All these have given us the skills to introduce full hardware and software solutions that work in the real world, without our clients having to employ full time professionals to maintain and deploy them.


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Our Frontpage 2002 enabled web servers allow clients to make everyday changes to their web sites in a simple Microsoft Word type program dispensing with the need for web experts or monthly maintenance charges. For any S.M.E. .this can be very significant. Another example is our automatic mail system where clients can add and remove mail accounts entirely at their own discretion. No phone calls, help lines or hassle involved !

Our servers also use a highly configurable spam-guard, we also use the 2 best Anti-virus programmes in the

world. See this link.


Finally we can provide full training in all aspects of our business and directly link you to experts in accountancy, taxation, and law, whom we have found to provide the same level of real world professional service as ourselves.


Data back up has become critical for many Irish companies, the rapid growth of the last decade has often meant this issue has “crept up” and resources to adequately store 0ver 200gb daily are not in place physically or procedurally, we specialize in this issue. Click Here  for details.


HIGH QUALITY TESTED COMPONENTS sourced worldwide specifically for the job in hand.


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